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IK – Simulated Arm

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Hi, It’s my IK arm sample video.

We’ve been trying to implement IK in our characters for a while. this is my first IK simulated arm. However it looks like a robotic arm yet, but when I set some angular limitations, it got better! 😉

I also smoothed its movements. It’s a lot better now.

This video shows my first concepts about an IK arm. It’s a simple arm with 3 limbs, Upper arm, Forearm and palm.

In its LUA script I create a target pivot which my arm try to grab. We sets this target’s position and it will take care of it itself. The palm follows -almost- the nearest path to grab it.

I implemented this arm in our character now. He can grab door knobs, glasses ,…

I read about inverse jacobian method but it’s too complicated to do with LUA I thought. I’m now trying to use VC++ for Inverse jacobian method.

This article helped me alot:

Inverse Kinematics – Improved Methods

Here is my video:

Written by Ali Hajiabadi

May 17, 2010 at 1:37 PM

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